Jan 2, 2007

Connect 4.2 Is Here!

Connect! 4.2 Streamlines Communication, Enhances Tracking and Expands Reporting
to Simplify the “Going to College” Process.

Boston, MA - January 2, 2007 - ConnectEdu announces the release of Connect! 4.2, the most recent upgrade of its web solution for college planning and admissions. Connect! 4.2 has incorporated enhancements for students, guidance counselors and admissions officers as a result of current user feedback and requests. With this release, ConnectEdu furthers it’s unique mission to listen and respond to its partners with new updates launched every ninety days. In the new release, Connect! 4.2 introduces innovative online tools to facilitate better communication within its community of users plus provide more concise tracking and reporting capabilities.

FOR STUDENTS, Connect! 4.2 has added a new feature when developing the college list. Currently, students are invited to complete an interactive college preferences interview that helps them match their preferences, based on interests, academics and type of school among other data. The interview generates a list of schools that matches interests tiered by selectivity. In the update, a match is further defined by a color-coded “slider” that indicates a range of compatibility for that particular school. When planning for college, students can now visually access their customized choices and add appropriate schools to their official college list.

FOR GUIDANCE COUNSELORS, Connect! 4.2 continues to enhance tracking capabilities for more robust state and district reporting. Counselors are given tools to analyze student progress, measure student success and determine student benchmarks based on historic data. The new upgrade has added the ability to import PSAT and ACT scores into the student file providing counselors more in-depth student data without the burden of data entry.

Connect! 4.2 simplifies messaging tools through c-mail, Connect!’s secure, internal e-mail communication. Counselors can search for c-mail recipients by last name instead of the student’s self-selected user name. Now, when a counselor wants to send a message, a quick glance can help them locate the students without the extra step of cross-referencing user names.

Guidance Counselors are also equipped with a new feature in the tracking process. Once a counselor receives notification that a mailed transcript has been received by the college, he or she can mark “Receipt Confirmed” and indicate the date to completely track the status.

FOR ADMISSIONS OFFICERS, Connect! 4.2 allows for better communication between students and colleges. Once a student expresses interest in a college and grants permission for direct communication, the college admissions officer has access to information and the ability to export the student’s name, e-mail address and home address for added opportunities to build a dialogue.

The new enhancements in Connect! 4.2 further compliment the host of tools for which Connect! has become known including the ability to send and receive “true” electronic transcripts and recommendation letters. Additional tools for managing applications, monitoring progress, messaging users and measuring results are helping hundreds of thousands of Connect! users successfully engage in the “going to college’ process.

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