Jan 31, 2007

ConnectEdu Partners with CNCTYC

ConnectEdu Partners with The Council of North Central Two-Year Colleges (CNCTYC)
349 Community Colleges from 19 states invited into Connect!’s national network

Boston, Mass. – January 29, 2007 – ConnectEdu and The Council of North Central Two-Year Colleges (CNCTYC) are pleased to announce a new partnership to integrate Connect! – ConnectEdu’s student-centered web solution for college planning, admissions and financial aid across CNCTYC’s nearly 350 member community colleges. Representing 19 states, CNCTYC members will be invited to deploy Connect! in an effort to modernize admissions and streamline the transfer process for community college students to four-year colleges and universities across the country.

According to CNCTYC Executive Director Dr. James S. Kellerman,
“We identified Connect! and partnered with ConnectEdu because they share our commitment to creating a less strenuous admissions process designed to facilitate access and improve going-to-college rates. In addition, Connect! provides our admitted students a comprehensive college plan to insure they maximize their community college experience and successfully transfer to a four-year college/university. We are excited by the unique networking this provides our members, thereby, dramatically improving the community college experience for students.”

Key features to benefit community colleges:

Admissions Solution- With Connect!, admissions officers can meet prospective high school students electronically and then, once the relationship has been fostered, receive, track and organize application materials including electronic transcripts.

Transfer Solution - Connect! integrates college catalogs and student information systems to provide transfer students a plan based on the community college courses that appear on their transcript with courses outlined in up-to-date articulation agreements at four-year institutions. For community college students planning their transfer to a particular four-year school, this automated degree audit eliminates the once frustrating guessing game in academic advising making the decision to further their education a seamless one.

Craig Powell, President & Founder of ConnectEdu, adds,
“With this partnership, we’re connecting high schools, community colleges and four-year colleges across the country in a student-centered network committed to maximizing student opportunities. Connect! not only opens up new opportunities to these students, but streamlines the entire process for all involved. We know that some of the most successful students in higher education begin their journey at a community college and we firmly believe that opening the pathway from community college to college is critical to driving college access.”

About CNCTYC: More than 65 years ago several insightful junior college leaders met to form an organization of two-year colleges in the North Central Region to advocate to the North Central Association accrediting agency. Today, it’s a 19-state organization with over 349 institutional members working with The Higher Learning Commission in the promotion of standards, practices, and policies for two-year colleges in the North Central Region. Member states include Arizona; Arkansas; Colorado; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; New Mexico; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; South Dakota; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Wyoming

About ConnectEdu: In 2002, President & Founder Craig Powell established ConnectEdu to simplify the college admissions and financial aid process for all involved. Believing that students must be at the core of a solution, the ConnectEdu team began development of Connect! – a web solution that benchmarks every 9th -12th grade student against a comprehensive college plan, virtually connects high schools to higher education institutions directly, and provides the tools for everyone involved in the admissions and financial aid process to do their work. Students are empowered, parents are engaged and counselors are enabled with modern technology that enhances college counseling and allows them to return to the core of their mission – assisting students in making one of the most important decisions in their lives. Today, Connect! is the industry leading national going-to-college portal.

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