Dec 20, 2006

University of Michigan Begins Paperless Admissions

University of Michigan Is First University To Receive “True” Electronic Transcripts

Ann Arbor, MI - December 20, 2006 – The University of Michigan has begun receiving applicant transcripts electronically directly from high school student information management systems, into their own student information management system. Utilizing ConnectEdu’s college planning and admissions portal – Connect! – the University of Michigan is receiving actual electronic transcripts as opposed to .PDF, paper or imaged transcripts, thus eliminating reliance upon manual document processing, GPA recalculation or receipt notification procedures. The partnership between the University of Michigan and ConnectEdu marks the first time that direct integration between high school and college student information systems has been accomplished.

“This is an exciting day for students applying to college.” said Chris Lucier , Director of Recruitment and Operations for the University of Michigan. “At the same time when there are so many reports about the increased complexity of the admissions process and the associated student anxiety, this eases the student’s application process and improves our efficiency. Unlike those systems that simply send a .pdf of the transcript into our imaging system, true electronic transcripts provide us actual workable data points which improve our ability to quickly process applications, and analyze our admissions and retention practices.” Over time, ConnectEdu’s ability to deliver us true electronic transcripts will significantly reduce our paper and imaging burden. In the end, our goal is to make the college admissions process easier, which we hope will improve access to college for all students.”

According to a recent time study conducted by ConnectEdu with several college admission staffs, college admission offices spend on average anywhere from forty-one minutes, using an EDI data exchange process, to 1 hour and fourteen minutes, using a paper or .PDF data exchange process, to create individual student admission files. Using the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council standards, today’s breakthrough in the delivery of student documents via a web services platform takes the total time spent processing the admission file down to approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds per student application. According to ConnectEdu’s study today’s announcement could save community colleges, and colleges and universities between $13.69 - $25.38 per applicant.

With 2.5M students applying to an average of 6 colleges each year, ConnectEdu projects that there is $205-308M lost each year processing college applications nationwide due to inefficiencies in the process. This doesn’t take into account the additional time and increased anxiety that results from lost application materials or miscommunication between parents, students, high schools and admission offices.

“We are excited by this important breakthrough in college and community college admissions. In 2002 we set out to modernize the college planning and admissions process. Our goal was to make this process more manageable and integrated for all involved – counselors, students, parents and admission officers – and, today, we took a giant leap toward reaching this goal.” said Craig Powell, President & Founder of ConnectEdu. “It’s our belief that everyone involved with the college admissions process today deserves a better solution than what the marketplace has historically delivered. We are bent on taking the revenue we save college admission offices and re-investing it into improving the process for students, therefore we are making Connect! available to high schools, students and parents for free. With partners like the University of Michigan, the University of Connecticut, Missouri State University and others, we are working hard to make this a better process for everyone!”


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