Apr 6, 2007

Brockton High School Implements Connect!

ConnectEdu’s Innovative Technology to Build College Access Nationwide

Boston, Mass– April 6, 2007- Brockton High School has, this week, connected to a national “going to college” network by implementing Connect! – the innovative web solution offered FREE to high schools by Boston technology company ConnectEdu. Currently being deployed in high schools across the country, Connect! is a web service available at no cost to students, their parents and their guidance counselors to simplify the entire “going to college” process. With comprehensive online tools, Connect! allows members to intelligently research over 3700 colleges, electronically send and track application materials, and easily apply for financial aid.

“Connect! has taken the college admissions process into the 21st century and beyond,” said BHS Guidance Department Head Catherine Leger. “The program is user-friendly and its web-based interface allows academic advisors to personalize the college admission process while also simplifying the process for students and parents. From FAFSA forms to transcripts, Connect! makes applying to colleges easier and less stressful.”

In addition to receiving step-by-step college planning tools, for the first time students are provided access to institutions of higher education through a secure, online platform. Some of the nation’s most progressive universities have partnered with ConnectEdu to begin building a paperless admissions process by receiving TRUE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS™. In addition to communicating with their parents, counselors and peers, all Connect! students now have the ability to electronically send application materials, including transcripts and letters of recommendation, to Connect! colleges including University of Michigan, Rutgers University and University of Connecticut to name a few.

According to Craig Powell, President and Founder of ConnectEdu, “Our partnership with Brockton High School is a milestone in our home state. We’re excited to be working with one of the region’s most forward-thinking high schools that shares our mission of seeking innovation to help students succeed. We truly look forward to inviting every high school in Massachusetts to join our national network.”

Additional South Shore high schools implementing Connect! include Avon High School, Oliver Ames High School and Milton High School.

About ConnectEdu, Inc.
In 2002, President & Founder Craig Powell established ConnectEdu to simplify the college admissions and financial aid process for all involved. Believing that students must be at the core of a solution, the ConnectEdu team began development of Connect! – a web solution that benchmarks every 9th -12th grade student against a comprehensive college plan, virtually connects high schools to higher education institutions directly, and provides the tools for everyone involved in the admissions and financial aid process to do their work. Students are empowered, parents are engaged and counselors are enabled with modern technology that enhances college counseling and allows them to return to the core of their mission – assisting students in making one of the most important decisions in their lives. Today, Connect! is the industry leading national going-to-college portal.


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