May 29, 2007

Connect! Introduces Spanish Translations

ConnectEdu Enhances Connect! v4.3 With A Market-Driven Bilingual Feature

Boston, Mass– May 25, 2007- As Hispanics continue to be the fastest growing demographic segment entering higher education, ConnectEdu is enhancing Connect! – it’s web solution for college admissions, financial aid and career planning – with a new bilingual feature. The most recent version of Connect!, launched this month, has incorporated all Quick Help descriptions in both English and Spanish to help Spanish-speaking families navigate the entire “going to college” process.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the Hispanic population earning bachelor’s degrees increased by 105% in the past decade, faster than any other racial/ethnic group. Of Hispanic students 5-17 years old approaching college age, 71% speak another language at home with their families. In addition, 23% of those students report having difficulty speaking English. Connect!v4.3’s bilingual enhancement was introduced to address the language concerns that are expected to proliferate the education market.

According to ConnectEdu President Craig Powell, “Our mission, like most institutions of higher education, is to create opportunities for young people regardless of their background. The first step in providing access to higher education is providing meaningful information in an understandable format. Our Spanish translations help engage the growing segment of Hispanic families making decisions about going to college.”

Since 2002, Connect! has been creating access to higher education for hundreds of thousands of students by providing all the necessary tools to search for colleges for the best fit; to fulfill application requirements and meet deadlines; to explore financial aid and financing options; and to map a career path based on academic strengths and interests. With its user-friendly management, tracking and communication tools, Connect! unifies students with their high school guidance counselors and college admissions officers at the schools to where they will apply. Unique to any college planning solution available, Connect! also invites parents into the process with their own usernames and passwords to monitor their student’s progress and contribute to the planning.

As more first generation college students from under-represented populations begin the process, the need for more comprehensive information on earning a college education is increasingly vital. Connect! is providing direct access to the steps involved and is inviting families to participate with their students. For Hispanic families, Connect! is now providing additional tools to understand the process with Spanish translations for instructional pages within the platform. Additional enhancements for families in Connect!v4.3 include a more secure registration process, easier navigation, simplified financial aid tutorials, and an expanded library of research, tips and articles on the “going to college” process.

For more information on Connect! visit or call 617-532-3000.

About ConnectEdu, Inc.
In 2002, President & Founder Craig Powell established ConnectEdu to simplify the college admissions and financial aid process for all involved. Believing that students must be at the core of a solution, the ConnectEdu team began development of Connect! – a web solution that benchmarks every 9th -12th grade student against a comprehensive college plan, virtually connects high schools to higher education institutions directly, and provides the tools for everyone involved in the admissions and financial aid process to do their work. Students are empowered, parents are engaged and counselors are enabled with modern technology that enhances college counseling and allows them to return to the core of their mission – assisting students in making one of the most important decisions in their lives. Today, Connect! is the industry leading national going-to-college portal.


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