Jul 25, 2007

Henry Ford Community College First Community College in Michigan to Join Connect!

HFCC Partners with Dearborn School District to Join the Connect! National Network

Boston, MA – July 25, 2007 – ConnectEdu welcomes Henry Ford Community College, the first community college in Michigan to join the Connect! National Network as a result of ConnectEdu’s first high school/community college partnership. Henry Ford Community College is sharing the service fee with Dearborn High Schools to create a data network that will link student information systems among the schools. Joining 8 universities and over 150 high schools in Michigan, Henry Ford Community College now has the ability to receive True Electronic Transcripts from Dearborn High Schools through Connect! – ConnectEdu’s web solution for college admissions, financial aid and career planning. This partnership will streamline the admissions process and create a simplified process for students at Dearborn High Schools.

"This is an exciting project that will help us continue to provide fast, efficient service to our students," said Mark Ulseth, Director of Admissions and Registration at HFCC. "This new data network is another outstanding example of how HFCC partners with its local feeder high schools to provide excellent customer service using the latest technology."

According to Paul Smith, Superintendent for the Dearborn School District, “We are looking forward to working closely with Henry Ford Community College and other area colleges as we provide greater opportunities for our students. Connect!’s cutting-edge web technology offers an advantage to our students and will also benefit parents, counselors and the entire district.”

Although free to high schools, the Dearborn High Schools are sharing the service fee with Henry Ford Community College in a partnership to eliminate the costs of traditionally processing and mailing high school transcripts to the community college where a large percentage of their students already apply. This electronic transcript initiative is a result of ConnectEdu’s partnership with the Council of North Central Two-Year Colleges in which two year schools in the 19 state-organization are invited to partner with ConnectEdu at a lower cost.

Said Craig Powell, President of ConnectEdu, “We’re in the business of connecting high schools to colleges, but this creative collaboration between high schools and a college is new for ConnectEdu. This initiative clearly demonstrates the dire market need to streamline the data exchange between secondary education and higher education. We’re pleased that so many institutions in Michigan are looking to ConnectEdu to address this need.”

For more information on ConnectEdu or Connect! call 617-532-3000.

About ConnectEdu, Inc.

In 2002, President & Founder Craig Powell established ConnectEdu to simplify the college admissions and financial aid process for all involved. Believing that students must be at the core of a solution, the ConnectEdu team began development of Connect! – a web solution that benchmarks every 9th -12th grade student against a comprehensive college plan, virtually connects high schools to higher education institutions directly, and provides the tools for everyone involved in the admissions and financial aid process to do their work. Students are empowered, parents are engaged and counselors are enabled with modern technology that enhances college counseling and allows them to return to the core of their mission – assisting students in making one of the most important decisions in their lives. Today, Connect! is the industry leading national going-to-college portal.

About Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College, located in Dearborn, MI, (www.hfcc.edu) was established in 1938 and is a two-year college serving approximately 25,000 students annually from southeast Michigan. HFCC offers liberal arts university transfer programs and associate degree and certificate career programs. HFCC also operates a continuing education program, the Center for Lifelong Learning (CL2), at its Dearborn Heights Center, as well as workforce training and corporate training programs at its Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC) in East Dearborn.


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