Nov 6, 2007

ConnectEdu Introduces C!Opp:

Connect! Opportunities for Educational Enhancement

Boston, MA, - November 6, 2007 - ConnectEdu announces the launch of C!Opp – an added feature to expose Connect! students to “out-of-classroom” learning opportunities. This new ability for exploring national educational opportunities has been built into Connect!’s latest free release featuring innovative tools to manage individualized educational plans. As part of Connect! v.5.0’s integrated curriculum, college and career planning process, C!Opp incorporates opportunities for students to explore “out-of-classroom” learning opportunities. These diverse opportunities range from leadership to study abroad to service-learning programs.

C!Opp was added to Connect! to further reduce paper-based processes for school counselors while allowing them to maximize the number of opportunities available to their students. As a result, the direct integration streamlines efficiencies for counselors and their students. Moving from a time-consuming, paper-based application and referral procedure to an integrated, online solution is modernizing a once cumbersome and fragmented process. Students are no longer dependent upon counselors finding the extra time to identify and present these targeted opportunities and counselors have the confidence that each of their students is exposed to organizations, programs and services that fit into their individual education plan on Connect!

“Our goal with C!Opp is to expose students to ‘out-of-classroom’ learning opportunities that have a high correlation to college success,” said Craig Powell, President of ConnectEdu. “Our students are using Connect! to develop a meaningful road map to their future which, for the majority of our students, means preparing for college.”

The first launch of C!Opp features the following opportunities:

PrepMe / People to People Student Ambassador Programs / Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation / Future Business Leaders of America / Future Educators Association / National Engineers Week / City Year / Youth Service America

For more information about Connect!, ConnectEdu, or how to be featured in C!Opp, call 888-887-8380.

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