Apr 7, 2008

Niagara University and Kenmore East High School Join the Connect! National Network™

(Niagara, NY) March 19, 2008 – Niagara University has sponsored the successful implementation of Connect! - the nation’s leading web solution for curriculum, college and career planning – at Kenmore East High School. During the first week of implementation, over 265 students have connected as part of a national initiative to streamline college admissions. Niagara University joined the Connect! National Network in partnership with ConnectEdu, Inc. to provide students and families with easy to use and comprehensive college and career planning technology tools. At no cost to the high school, all students, parents, and counselors are directly connected with the admissions office at Niagara through Connect!’s communication, application management and electronic document delivery tools.

“We know historically that students from Kenmore East High School are interested in our admissions,” said Harry Gong, Director of Admissions at Niagara University. “We have strong personal relationships with the high school but have had no way to build a data bridge between us. With Connect!, we can strengthen relationships with the school, efficiently meet new students interested in Niagara, and streamline the entire application process. Everything can be accomplished in a single online environment – and at a fraction of the time and resources. This allows us to spend more face time with students, who we know by using verified data, will be successful at Niagara. It revolutionizes the way students approach college admissions.”

Adds David Coates, School Counselor at Kenmore East High School, “Our students are engaged with Connect! because they get a stronger voice in planning their future. The integrated tools offer a bigger picture of an individual pathway, and with the guidance of their counselors and parents, they can follow it successfully.” Niagara University has sponsored over twenty “feeder” high schools, which traditionally send students to the university each year. By providing Connect! to high schools, Niagara University is committed to building access to higher education for students in New York by introducing:

Integrated Curriculum Planning
Connect! revolutionizes college recruitment by giving the student a well-informed voice in the process. Counselors and students collaborate on a curriculum plan for grades 9-12 that integrates academic strengths, identified interests, and career goals. Communication tools between counselors, students, and parents within Connect! allow for tracking progress against this individualized education plan. Then during college planning, Connect! uses the integrated student data to help create a list of best-fitting colleges from the nation’s 4,200 institutions. Students build recruitment relationships with the colleges of their choice to gather targeted information and eliminate the need for cumbersome and unsolicited recruitment brochures and guidebooks.

Modern College and Career Planning
Connect! revolutionizes college admissions by streamlining the process of applying to college and the college’s application processing. Once the student has finalized the list of colleges to where they will apply based on the major of interest and relevant career paths, Connect! helps manage the tasks and deadlines for the family. During the application process, students can easily request and counselors can securely deliver electronic transcripts and letters of recommendation through Connect! to eliminate printing and mailing. Connect! automatically notifies counselors, students, family members and colleges of the progress in every step along the way.

Smart College Financing
As college financing has become an increasingly important and challenging component in college planning, Connect! has introduced a comprehensive online college financial planning resource. In one location, families can determine their cost gap and explore financing options to meet that gap. A student loan marketplace and a scholarship finder are available in addition to a unique budgeting tool that integrates career earnings information with anticipated debt burden. Families are also provided with interactive tools designed to assist in the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so they can apply accurately online to the government.

“In working with counselors who have a 500:1 student ratio, we know that many families enter this process with no idea how to begin,” said Craig Powell, President & CEO of ConnectEdu, Inc. “We set out to make sure every family is empowered with information, resources and tools to not only begin the process earlier, but to be successful in the end. Forward-thinking institutions like Niagara University are leading the way to building a democratized college admissions process one high school at a time.”

Colleges in the Connect! National Network™ have provided sponsorship of over 1,000 high school implementations across the country to gain the benefits of Connect! at no cost. Progressive colleges in the Northeast that are already receiving electronic admissions documents through Connect! include Boston University, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Daniel Webster College, University of Vermont, University of Connecticut, Quinnipiac University and University of New Haven. They join national institutions including University of Michigan, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, University of Missouri, and Rutgers University.

For more information on ConnectEdu, or to join the Connect! National Network™,
call 888-887-8380 or log on to www.connectedu.net

About ConnectEdu, Inc.
ConnectEdu is the nation’s leading technology firm dedicated to providing students, educators and employers with comprehensive solutions to successfully navigate education and employment transitions. ConnectEdu's mission is to democratize access to higher education and career opportunities for all students by empowering them and their advisors with the information, resources and collective bargaining power required to realize successful life-transitions.


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