May 12, 2008

Students Plant The Seed Goes Live

ConnectEdu Promotes New Website for Students to Go Green in College Admissions By Eliminating 755,000,000 Paper Admissions Documents

(Boston, MA) May 12, 2008 – ConnectEdu, a leader in integrated web solutions for curriculum, college and career planning, is providing eco-conscious students a collective voice to encourage eco-friendly college admissions. was designed to address the fact that an estimated three quarters of a billion paper documents are processed annually for college admissions nationwide. Without a choice, students are required by colleges to produce enough paper collectively to circle the globe 5 times around. This new web site provides a mechanism for students to let high schools and colleges know they want to stop using paper in college admissions through solutions provided by ConnectEdu. presents the environmental issues resulting from paper-based college recruiting materials and applications. also has a petition tool to alert high school administrators of the issues and request action to seek alternatives to processing paper documents. Students also communicate to admission offices at the colleges to where they intend to apply. In addition to voicing concern, these student petitions will also direct decision-makers at the institutions to ConnectEdu’s web solutions such as Connect! - a web platform which connects students and admission officers online and delivers electronic admission documents. Students, parents, counselors and admissions officers using Connect! comprise the Connect! National Network™ dedicated to streamlining college admissions.

Students already using Connect! as a green solution at their high school have additional insight into green admissions practices. A new green admissions rating system is showcased on each of the platform’s 4,200 colleges profiles. Colleges not practicing green admissions have multiple chopped tree icons, based on the number of total applications, to inform students that paper processing is required. Connect! students are then directed to where they can communicate their concern to that college’s admission office and encourage the college to join the network.

As part of the launch of, ConnectEdu is financing 1,000 tree plantings, representing each high school in the United States, which has already adopted Connect! for greener admissions. ConnectEdu will continue to plant a tree for each high school or college that joins the Connect! National Network™ as a result of student outreach using

“It’s no secret that students applying to college are part of the greenest generation of our time,” said Craig Powell, President & CEO of ConnectEdu. “It should also be no surprise that making them submit paper documents is a real problem for them, which is influencing their college choice. We feel giving them a platform to be heard, along with a solution they can communicate, empowers students in a way that’s never been done before.”

Currently, 350,000 students in 1,000 high schools across 41 states are going green by using Connect! for college planning. Currently, 175 colleges have joined them in the Connect! National Network™ to build greener admissions. For more information call 888.887.8380 or log on to:


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WRGII said...

This is great to hear! Nobody likes filling out endless reams of forms.

They could take the next step and put a green roof on the Admissions building.

Green roofs reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce air pollution and storm water runoff.

There are a lot of great articles about green roofs at