Jun 3, 2008

ConnectEDU Approved For Transmittal of A+ Certified Transcripts

(Boston, MA), June 3, 2008– ConnectEDU, Inc, is pleased to announce that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, A+ School/Charter Schools Office has approved ConnectEDU for the transmittal of A+ certified transcripts. ConnectEDU, a comprehensive education solution vendor, has met the necessary Missouri requirements to provide secure transmittal of these documents by both meeting the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) standards and complying with Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC). Hundreds of Missouri high schools are now able to transmit secure electronic transcripts to colleges at no cost when they join the Connect! National Network™.

According to Dr. James Kellerman, Executive Director & CEO of the Missouri Community College Association, “For over two years, community colleges in Missouri have watched as colleges across the country have joined us in modernizing admissions by receiving electronic transcripts from high schools through the Connect! platform. With ConnectEDU’s approval to transmit A+ certified transcripts, we can continue to build a robust network between high schools and colleges to simplify access to higher education.”

Within ConnectEDU’s Connect! platform, the A+ designation will be indicated on the transcript replacing the A+ seal, as certified by the A+ coordinator at participating high schools. This designation on the A+ transcript will also serve as proper indication to participating community colleges and career technical schools that the student meets the requirements of the A+ program. Prior to this approval, high schools had to process and send paper transcripts.

“This is a milestone for students in Missouri,” said Craig Powell, President & CEO of ConnectEDU. “Using technology to streamline the admissions process breaks down barriers to a college degree. ConnectEDU is proud to have a role in that process.”

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