Sep 2, 2008

ConnectEDU Transcripts to be Accepted by the NCAA Eligibility Center

The NCAA Eligibility Center Joins The ConnectEDU National Network™
for Secure Student Records Exchange

(Boston, MA) September 2, 2008 – ConnectEDU, Inc., ( the Web-based leader in connecting students with colleges and employers through its integrated college and career planning network, is pleased to welcome the NCAA Eligibility Center ( into the ConnectEDU National Network for secure student records exchange. Connect! students seeking eligibility to participate in NCAA Divisions I and II intercollegiate athletics can deliver their academic transcript electronically through Connect! to the Eligibility Center for eligibility review and verification.

“In addition to helping students manage all aspects of their college and career planning, ConnectEDU has become an electronic transcript solution selected by hundreds of organizations, which require official documents from the student’s high school. Welcoming the NCAA Eligibility Center into our network enhances our capabilities for student-athletes and demonstrates our continued commitment to streamlining all aspects of the student transition from high school to college,” said Craig Powell, President & CEO of ConnectEDU.

As the nation’s most comprehensive Web solution for curriculum, college and career planning, Connect! integrates data from the high school student information system to help students make informed individual decisions about their future. The data is also available for students to send electronically to colleges, employers and additional authorized organizations, which require official student academic records. Connect! also provides automated tracking and verification of receipt for each transmittal. By joining the ConnectEDU National Network™, the Eligibility Center will receive e-transcripts during the next admissions season.

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About ConnectEDU, Inc.
ConnectEDU is the nation’s leading technology firm dedicated to providing students, educators and employers with comprehensive solutions to successfully navigate education and employment transitions. ConnectEDU's mission is to democratize access to higher education and career opportunities for all students by empowering them and their advisors with the information, resources and collective bargaining power required to realize successful life transitions.

About the Eligibility Center
The Eligibility Center opened in November 2007 as a replacement for the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. With a staff of nearly 60 specialists, it performs the important task of certifying high school and international prospective student-athletes as initially eligible to compete in NCAA Divisions I and II sports. Certification decisions are made based on membership-approved NCAA academic and amateurism guidelines. Without this certification, prospective student-athletes cannot compete in Divisions I and II sports. Approximately 160,000 prospective student-athletes submit their credentials each year with approximately 65,000 of those going on to compete in NCAA sports. For more information visit


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