Oct 13, 2008

High School Saves $10K By Going Green with ConnectEDU

ConnectEDU Green Paper Examines Eco-Friendly Perspectives in College Admission

(Boston, MA) October 13, 2008 – ConnectEDU, Inc., (www.connectedu.net) the Web-based leader in connecting students with colleges and employers through the nation’s largest college and career planning network, announces the release of the Green Paper “Why 2008 is the Year of Green Admissions”. In addition to outlining how high schools begin saving $10,000 off their budget, the report includes results from a survey administered to college-bound students in the ConnectEDU National Network™ during the Spring of 2008. Members of the greenest generation, the students surveyed provide opinions on the environment, green colleges, and eco-friendly college admission processes. Also included, is a case study with data on cost savings and paper reduction from a high school using ConnectEDU’s web solution for eco-friendly college admission. The survey is available for download at www.StudentsPlantTheSeed.com, ConnectEDU’s website dedicated to information on paperless admission.

As reported in the Green Paper, a vast majority of college-bound students are generally concerned about the environment with recycling and reduction topping the list of personal actions they take. While a significant number report that they will choose a college based on its general green practices, a clear majority indicate they would like to apply to a college that reduces paper in the admission process.

“The results reported in our Green Paper clearly demonstrate that high schools are being proactive about their budgets and that college choice is becoming tied to the college’s ability to implement green solutions,” said ConnectEDU President and CEO, Craig Powell. “Something as pragmatic and cost-effective as moving data electronically from the high school to the college can have a significant impact on how a college presents itself to prospective students. Students want change and colleges are not only listening, but doing something about it.”

Currently, over 260 colleges are practicing Green Admissions with ConnectEDU by eliminating the delivery of paper transcripts and recommendation letters – which is estimated to total 7.5m sheets each year. University of Vermont, Michigan State University, and University of Iowa are just a few leaders in this movement now receiving electronic admissions documents from 2,000 high schools across the U.S.

For more information on ConnectEDU, call 888.887.8380 or visit www.connectedu.net.

About ConnectEDU, Inc.
ConnectEDU is the nation’s leading technology firm dedicated to providing students, educators and employers with comprehensive solutions to successfully navigate education and employment transitions. ConnectEDU's mission is to democratize access to higher education and career opportunities for all students by empowering them and their advisors with the information, resources and collective bargaining power required to realize successful life transitions.

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