Dec 9, 2008

ConnectEDU Partners with CollegeZapps to Simplify the College Application Process

Latest Version of Connect! Allows Students to Apply to Over 1,000 Colleges

(Boston, MA) December 9, 2008 – ConnectEDU, Inc., ( the Web-based leader in connecting students with colleges and employers through the nation’s largest college and career planning network, has partnered with industry leader CollegeZapps to bring students in the ConnectEDU National Network™ a prolific, online application tool. With this partnership, students in the network will now have the ability to apply to over 1,000 colleges using CollegeZapps, including nearly every four year institution in the country.

“Our partnership with CollegeZapps is the first step toward our goal of providing the industry’s first solution to deliver a complete application package electronically,” said ConnectEDU President and CEO, Craig Powell. “Counselors have realized the benefits of utilizing integrated data in their college planning programs. At ConnectEDU, we are now committed to taking that one step further and providing colleges with the application integration services necessary to make the entire application process paperless, and creating one secure, single location for both counselors and colleges to verify the receipt of all application documents. ”

Through the integration with CollegeZapps, students save time as they are able to complete multiple applications from filling out one application/interview. With the average student applying to 6-8 colleges, this integration eliminates the redundancy of manually completing multiple applications. In addition, student information from the transcript data is pre-populated in the application saving students additional time.

“At CollegeZapps, we strive to minimize the inefficiencies in the college application process,” said CollegeZapps CEO, David Kenney. “With the integration of CollegeZapps in both Connect! and Prep HeadQuarters, hundreds of thousands of students will now have the ability to conveniently complete multiple applications at once, allowing them to spend more time on other aspects of the process such as visiting colleges or writing essays.”

The CollegeZapps application tool in Connect! and Prep HeadQuarters is now available. ConnectEDU anticipates integration with other application providers interested in partnering to deliver a seamless application process to students, counselors, and colleges.

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About ConnectEDU, Inc.
ConnectEDU is the nation’s leading technology firm dedicated to providing students, educators and employers with comprehensive solutions to successfully navigate education and employment transitions. ConnectEDU's mission is to democratize access to higher education and career opportunities for all students by empowering them and their advisors with the information, resources and collective bargaining power required to realize successful life transitions.

About CollegeZapps
CollegeZapps is dedicated to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness — and reducing the confusion — of the college application process through the use of leading-edge technology. Our proprietary tool eliminates the redundancy of filling out multiple applications, allowing students to focus on more important elements. We make updates each academic year to ensure we’re keeping pace as each school adapts its application process.

CollegeZapps™ LLC was established in June 2007 and is a subsidiary of Efficient Forms, LLC, a provider of forms automation solutions. In September 2007, CollegeZapps launched its unique solution for college-bound students.