Jan 21, 2009

ConnectEDU to Provide Families with Expert Advice on Financial Aid Process

Financial Planning Tools, Webinars and Workshops Help Families Better Address
One of Today’s Top College Admissions Priorities

(Boston, MA) January 21, 2009 – ConnectEDU, Inc., (www.connectedu.net), the Web-based leader in using data to connect students with colleges and employers through the nation’s largest college and career planning network, is assisting thousands of families in the ConnectEDU National Network™ in understanding the complexities of the college financial aid process. ConnectEDU’s robust financial planning tools, coupled with collaborative partnership programs including webinars and regional workshops, will provide the more than one million users in the network with access to the information, tools and resources they need to make more informed decisions to effectively navigate the financial aid process.

“In this current economy, state lenders and other funding agencies are closing their doors, college aid award packages are diminishing, more students are fighting for fewer award dollars, and the cost of a college education is at an all-time high. As a result, families are desperate for more knowledge and expert advice on the financial aid process,” said ConnectEDU President and CEO, Craig Powell. “ConnectEDU has the expertise, experience, and proven partners needed to provide a comprehensive offering of tools and programs to help families better understand their options and make the decisions that are right for them.”

ConnectEDU’s web tools provide users with a deeper understanding of the key components of the college financial aid process including how to: 1) fill out forms including the FAFSA, 2) determine a family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), 3) utilize comparison tools to examine two financial aid award packages from two institutions side by side, and 4) find sources of aid including local scholarships as well as federal and private loans. In addition to the comparison tools and EFC calculation, ConnectEDU also provides a budget plan tool that offers indebtedness scenarios for families to examine based on career choices after the completion of a postsecondary degree.

Earlier this month, ConnectEDU hosted its first webinar of 2009 titled “How to Complete Financial Aid Forms.” Nearly 1,000 families registered, indicating a growing need for college financial aid resources for students and their parents. For more information on ConnectEDU’s web tools, webinars, or workshops call 888-748-8188 or visit www.connectedu.net.

About ConnectEDU, Inc.
ConnectEDU is the nation’s leading technology firm dedicated to providing students, educators and employers with comprehensive solutions to successfully navigate education and employment transitions. ConnectEDU's mission is to democratize access to higher education and career opportunities for all students by empowering them and their advisors with the information, resources and collective bargaining power required to realize successful life transitions.


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