Nov 23, 2009

ConnectEDU Announces Rapid Market Adoption of SuperAPP

21 Colleges Become SuperAPP Partners in Past 30 Days; First-of-its-Kind College Application Management Solution Used to Streamline Admissions Process for Students, Families, Counselors and Universities

(Boston, MA) November 23, 2009 – ConnectEDU, ( the Web-based leader in empowering students to manage their education and launch their career, today announced that 21 new colleges have signed on as SuperAPP partners since the solution was launched just four weeks ago. Additionally, SuperAPP was a key component of “College Application Week” in Detroit (October 26-29) where over 4,000 college applications were completed by seniors at 28 Detroit Public High Schools in just three days.

SuperAPP is a comprehensive electronic application management solution that facilitates the entire application process, including official transcripts, letters of recommendation, college essays, high school profile and the application from a single, secure location. An application management solution, as opposed to an application format, SuperAPP uses and supports all of the most popular application formats including: Common Application, Universal Application, and unique applications for over 1,100 colleges nationwide. SuperAPP streamlines the application process for students and high school counselors by providing students with a single interview to easily complete multiple custom college applications, and providing high school counselors with a single location to track, monitor and ensure the submission and receipt of all application materials. SuperAPP streamlines the application process for college admission officers by delivering a full electronic student application to the colleges in a single integrated data feed and in the preferred format.

“ConnectEDU is the first organization to have successfully solved for one of the greatest dilemmas in college application processing – the entire completion of an applicant’s information which includes their electronic transcript. And, ConnectEDU has done this in a way that dramatically improves the ease for a student to apply to multiple colleges from a single web form,” said Michael Barron, Assistant Provost for Enrollment Services and Director of Admission, University of Iowa.

The 21 new SuperAPP partners receive all of their application data electronically, and in the preferred format, as they take advantage of the cost savings associated with receiving these applications electronically. These colleges represent a wide geographic base of small, mid-sized and large schools and some of the country’s foremost institutions of higher learning. The new schools using ConnectEDU’s SuperAPP application management solution to streamline the college admissions process include: University of Iowa, Michigan State University, University of Maryland, Stevenson University, Grand Valley State University, and Mount St. Mary’s College. For a complete listing of SuperAPP partners, visit our college network.

"Today, I filled out and completed five college applications in less than forty-five minutes and it was a breeze,” said Marcea, a senior at Detroit’s Pershing High School. “I think SuperAPP is a much easier way to apply than other online methods. You can understand the process and you simply fill in one form and send applications to as many colleges as you want."

For more information on ConnectEDU or SuperAPP, please visit or call 617-532-3000.

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