May 10, 2010

ConnectEDU Announces New Partnership With NCAN

ConnectEDU to provide technology solution to National College Access Network members to help more students successfully transition to college

(Boston, MA) May 10, 2010 – ConnectEDU, the web-based leader in empowering students to manage their education and career, announced a new partnership with The National College Access Network (NCAN). The mission of the National College Access Network (NCAN) is to build, strengthen, and empower communities committed to college access and success so that all students, especially those under-represented in postsecondary education, can achieve their educational dreams. NCAN has over 250 members in 45 states.

“Our partnership with NCAN is an exciting opportunity for us, given how closely aligned our visions are,” said Craig Powell, CEO, ConnectEDU. “We applaud them for their work in ensuring that more students have access to higher education, and we look forward to working with them to help meet that vision.”

ConnectEDU is devoted to developing innovative technology to enable students to successfully manage their education and career. Their data-driven solution helps to bridge the transitions between high school, college, and career, by making certain that students take the necessary steps at the right time to reach their goals. By using real data, ConnectEDU enables students to make informed decisions about the best choices for them. In addition to guiding students, the technology supports all of the adults who work with them, including their parents, counselors, school administrators, and mentors.

"NCAN’s partnership with ConnectEDU reinforces our commitment to providing the most comprehensive and reliable services for our members to build capacity for making data-driven decisions and to increase the number of students who have access to and success in postsecondary education,” said Kim Cook, Executive Director, National College Access Network.

Some key features that will be available to NCAN members include: Tracking of Program Services, Curriculum Planning, Career Assessments, Test Preparation, Application Processing, Financial Aid Planning, Employer Mentoring, Tutoring w/Essay writing, Resume Assistance, Scholarship Search, and Custom Tracking and Reporting.

In addition, ConnectEDU solutions leverage social media tools in a Purpose Network™. Important messages from colleges, counselors and advisors are delivered to the student through their preferred communication media (email, text, Facebook, etc.) with the student in control of with whom they are sharing information.

About ConnectEDU, Inc.
ConnectEDU is devoted to helping students find and enroll in the right college, get a degree, and launch their career. Created, developed and run by people who have worked in every area of college counseling, admissions, and career development, ConnectEDU uses information technology to connect real students and real data with real colleges, and real career opportunities. We make the college admissions process simpler, more efficient, more reliable and more effective. ConnectEDU’s approach gives every student, from every neighborhood across the country, the best opportunity to achieve their dream of a college education and promising career.