Jan 25, 2011

ConnectEDU & Zinch Partner to Make the College Admission Process More Efficient for Students & Colleges

(BOSTON, MA) January 25, 2011 -- ConnectEDU, Inc., (www.connectedu.com) the market leader in developing online college and career planning tools and platforms, today announced a strategic partnership with Zinch (www.zinch.com), the social network connecting students with colleges and scholarships.  The new deal is designed to streamline the college application and acceptance process for thousands of students applying to schools later this year and beyond, by making ConnectEDU’s SuperAPP tool – a free, web-based, comprehensive application completion resource – available to Zinch users.

At Zinch, students can search for colleges and create online profiles showcasing themselves as more than test scores to be recruited by colleges.  Nearly 3 million students and over 850 colleges and universities connected online at Zinch.com.  However, up until now, users haven’t been able to apply to schools via the Zinch website.  The ConnectEDU and Zinch partnership will enable students to apply electronically to over 100 colleges and universities during college application season by using SuperAPP, the fastest and easiest way for students to complete college applications.  ConnectEDU will add more colleges as electronic partners over time, giving Zinch students even more options for filing online applications.

Here’s how it works: Students search for colleges on Zinch.com and build a list of schools they wish to apply to.  Next, they can manage their application using ConnectEDU’s free SuperAPP resource.   SuperAPP creates one single questionnaire from all of the college applications, eliminating duplicates while including all of the unique questions from each of the college applications.  Once students complete all of the interview questions, SuperAPP uses their answers to populate multiple college applications.  In one sitting, students can complete multiple applications simultaneously.  Students can also use SuperAPP to pay the application fee for each college using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. 

 “We’re delighted to partner with a firm that shares our student-centric approach to improving access to higher education,” said Craig Powell, ConnectEDU CEO.  “This deal brings SuperAPP to all the students on Zinch, thereby improving our market share and helping more students apply to colleges via SuperAPP.”   

 “Zinch gives students an edge in finding the right college, getting in and paying for it, while helping colleges recruit students more effectively,” explained Anne Dwane, Zinch President & CEO.  “This partnership furthers that mission, streamlining the application process and providing colleges applications from qualified students interested in attending.” 

About ConnectEDU, Inc.
ConnectEDU, Inc. is the web-based leader in empowering students to manage their education.  Founded in 2002, the company is devoted to helping students find and enroll in the right college, get a degree, and launch their careers. Created, developed and run by people who have worked in every area of college counseling, admissions, and career development, ConnectEDU uses information technology to connect real students and real data with real colleges, and real career opportunities. We make the college admissions process simpler, more efficient, more reliable and more effective. ConnectEDU’s approach gives every student, from every neighborhood across the country, the best opportunity to achieve their dream of a college education and promising career.

Today, ConnectEDU’s network (“The Connect! Community”) has grown to include 5 million high school and college aged students, 2,500 high schools, 450 colleges, and nearly 50 employers.  For more information, please visit www.connectedu.com.

About Zinch
Zinch.com is the network connecting students with opportunities: colleges, scholarships, graduate programs and study abroad programs. At Zinch.com, nearly 3 million students have created profiles to showcase themselves as more than test scores and to be matched with relevant schools and scholarships. Zinch.com profiles 6,000 undergraduate and graduate programs, and lists $2 billion in scholarships. Admissions Officers trust Zinch.com to help them recruit students who would fit well at their institutions. Visit the company at www.Zinch.com.