Sep 19, 2011

Arizona State University Selects ConnectEDU’s CoursEval as Online Tool for Course and Faculty Evaluations

Web-Based Software to Replace Paper Approach with Easier, Smarter, and Less Expensive Process

(Boston, MA) September 19, 2011 – Arizona State University (ASU) and ConnectEDU today announced their partnership to help faculty, chairs and deans gather information on students’ perceptions and opinions about their courses in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. ASU will be utilizing ConnectEDU’s CoursEval™ software to evaluate courses across the University’s four physical campuses and one virtual campus, which in total serve over 70,000 students.

CoursEval is designed to make the required task of course evaluation easier, smarter, and less expensive for administrators and instructors. CoursEval will allow ASU administrators to evaluate courses and faculty online, replacing the paper process/bubble sheet approach.

“In today’s education landscape, with more secondary learning options available than ever before, it is vital for institutions to keep their finger on the pulse of their students and understand what is and what is not working in the classroom,” said Craig Powell, CEO and founder of ConnectEDU. “CoursEval is the industry’s leading tool for evaluating courses and we are confident that Arizona State University will reap tremendous benefits and insights from the platform.”

“With thousands of instructors and tens of thousands of students, it had become difficult to provide course evaluation support to our faculty that was fast, flexible, and affordable,” said Wanda Baker, Associate Director for Assessment and Information Technology with the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness at Arizona State University. “The implementation of CoursEval will speed up our evaluation process and give our academic departments considerable flexibility in the design and administration of their evaluations, while saving the University money. CourseEval’s customized reporting features will support our efforts to monitor students’ perceptions of their courses and the instruction they are receiving, at considerable savings in cost and time. This is an important technology implementation for ASU in our continuing efforts to provide instruction of the highest quality.”

ASU’s implementation of CoursEval will begin during the Fall 2011 semester. ConnectEDU will be providing ASU officials with a high level of customer support and training as ASU takes advantage of the software’s high degree of customization to determine the information that will have the greatest impact on administrators, professors and students.

The software permits ASU faculty to collect longitudinal information about students’ perceptions of their courses and instruction. Some academic units also use it to conduct formative evaluations to promote mid-course adjustments.

About ConnectEDU:
ConnectEDU, Inc. is the web-based leader in empowering students to manage their education, launch their careers, and secure a more stable financial future. Created, developed and run by people who have worked in every area of college counseling, admissions, and career development, ConnectEDU uses information technology to connect real students and real data with real colleges, and real career opportunities. ConnectEDU makes the college admissions process simpler, more efficient, more reliable and more effective. The Company’s approach gives every student, from every neighborhood across the country, the best opportunity to achieve their dream of a college education and promising career.

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