Oct 5, 2011


YourPlanForCollege empowers all Massachusetts students to take charge of future

(Malden, MA) October 5, 2011 – Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray today announced the launch of YourPlanForCollege.org, the Commonwealth’s no-cost, one-stop, college and career planning portal now available for all students in Massachusetts. YourPlanForCollege is a free, online portal that centralizes key resources and information to support families, parents and mentors as students prepare for college and future careers.

“YourPlanForCollege is an integral part of our Administration’s commitment to providing every child with access to higher education and a brighter future,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray. “YourPlanForCollege has served as a critical resource within some high schools, and as the program expands to all high schools in the state, it will serve as a comprehensive tool to help prepare our students for the 21st century workforce.”

Today’s announcement celebrates the availability of YourPlanForCollege to all Massachusetts residents. Prior to this launch, students and families only had access to these tools in local participating high schools. By leveraging technologies and online user-experiences, YourPlanForCollege centralizes all the key data points of a student’s educational career, including course history, grades, extracurricular activities, test scores, and graduation requirements, while also providing students with deadlines on key milestones for the college application, financing and enrollment process. YourPlanForCollege also provides students with robust, interactive tools and information to help make informed decisions on higher education and career choices that are continually evolving within the state’s diverse innovation economy.

“YourPlanForCollege positions Massachusetts as a national leader in college and career planning,” said Secretary of Education Paul Reville. “In addition to the profound impact the portal will have for students and educators, it will also provide us with valuable student data that will help us make informed decisions on education policy and investments.”

The portal was made possible by the leadership of the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) and Massachusetts’ federal College Access Challenge Grant award in 2008.

“We at MEFA were pleased to move this forward on behalf of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and to collaborate with the Secretary’s office on this important initiative," said Thomas Graf, Executive Director of MEFA. "The mission of YourPlanforCollege aligns perfectly with the MEFA mission of supporting families across the Commonwealth - for more than 30 years - as they to find their pathway to college.”

YourPlanForCollege was the first, state-sponsored portal in the nation to integrate directly with multiple information systems and power real-time access to critical information for students, families and educators alike. The portal serves as a tremendous resource for schools across the Commonwealth and is leveraged extensively by guidance staff for completion of time-dependent college and career planning tasks with their students.

About YourPlanForCollege

YourPlanForCollege is an initiative of MEFA, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Created in 2010 with funding from federal College Access Challenge Grants, YourPlanForCollege is managed by MEFA and powered by ConnectEDU technologies. For more information, please contact Martha Savery MEFA, (617) 224-4813.

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